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  • Case study

    2 people instead of 4

    How the tour operator BeFree Service saved 50% of their operating costs thanks to TravelNET software.

  • About the client

    BeFree Service is a Prague-based tour operator focused on sightseeing stays in Central Europe. They provide a complete service from accommodation and transport to guided tours.

    • 2 reservation managers

      They have now – used to have 4 people doing the same amount of work.

    • 20 orders per day

      Despite the small team, BeFree Service handles quite a number of orders.

How they used to work?

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    Complicated communication

    The questions asked are usually the same – about availability and prices. People have to communicate personally to both sides of the deals.

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    Poor finance management

    Reservation managers manually monitor outgoing and incoming payments for each service. As they are the single point of control, this results in lost or unchecked payments and extra effort.

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    Time consuming execution of transfers and excursions

    The managers have to plan, organize, and estimate the budget for transfers and excursions. Any change requires tedious manual work. They also create documents for drivers and guides and evaluate the service afterward.

  • Then TravelNET comes along

    We've onboarded the BeFree Service within the first month to make sure the company uses the software to its full potential. We help them set their:

    • Simplified pricing

      Managers can easily update hotel prices themselves as well as import from other systems or Excel sheets. They are always up-to-date, so no more last-minute troubles.

    • Payment monitoring

      Our software provides up-to-date and accurate payment overview, monitors unpaid and paid orders, and gives an overview of individual order performance.

    • Automated excursions planning

      TravelNET deals with plans and budgets of transfers and excursions, automatically creates all documents and assigns client orders to journeys, calculates group net prices, and much more.

    • Self-service for partners

      BeFree Service is now available 24/7 so the partner looks up information and orders the hotel by himself via the extranet. No supervision needed, no money spent.

  • Screens

And here are the results...

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    50% time saved

    The tour operator is freed from routine tasks and has much more time to improve its business, thus be better than the competition.

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    Up-to-date and in control

    With detailed knowledge about its own business, BeFree Service is able to better plan and control the work. This results in happy tourists and satisfied partners.

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    System integration

    Automated system integration brought new partners and suppliers that are already connected to TravelNET.

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